Levington Tomorite Pour & Feed RTU Liquid Tomato Food – 3 Litre


Tomorite Pour & Feed READY TO USE Liquid Tomato Fertiliser: 3 litre – for top quality, full flavoured tomatoes!

Tomorite® is a rich brown, high potash liquid tomato fertiliser, specially developed to produce fuller flavoured tomatoes. It is also suitable for a variety of other similar crops such as sweet peppers and aubergines. Ready to Use

Levington Tomorite® Pour & Feed RTU Liquid Fertiliser – Key Details

  • Popular easy ready to use liquid formula
  • Contains a blend of nutrients including magnesium and seaweed extract
  • Ideal for use from April to August
  • Increases crop yields
  • Can also be used for ornamental and flowering plants

Pack Size

  • 3 Litre ready to use/ pour & feed
Other Pack Sizes Available
  • Tomorite 500ml concentrate – makes 113 litres
  • Tomorite 1 litre concentrate – makes 225 litres
  • Tomorite 1.5 litre concentrate – makes 563 litres

Fertilisers and Safety

Used in accordance with the recommendations on the Tomorite® label, there is no need to restrict access to the treated areas.