Scotts Verdone Extra Liquid Concentrate Lawn Weedkiller – 250ml/165m2


Scott’s Verdone Liquid Concentrate Lawn Weedkiller: 250ml – suitable to treat 165m2 – an easy to use highly effective weed killing treatment for garden lawns.

Verdone® is one of the most popular lawn weedkillers available, producing fast, effective results against troublesome broad-leaf weeds in lawns.

Scott’s Verdone® Lawn Weedkiller Concentrate – Key Details

  • Easy mix liquid concentrate
  • Contains three herbicides fluroxypyr; clopyralid and MCPA
  • Effective removal ofcommon lawn weedsincludingDandelions, Daisies, Plantain, Common Mouse-Ear, White Clover, Black Medick and Lesser Trefoil without harming the grass
  • Ideal for treating whole lawns

Pack Size

  • 250ml Liquid Concentrate formula – suitable to treat 165m²

Effectively kills most lawn weeds including the problem weeds such as Black Medick, Lesser Trefoil, White Clover and Common Mouse-Ear.

A selective weedkiller liquid concentrate, formulated to control most broad-leaf weeds with one application without harming the grass. Use on all established lawns and grassy areas in late spring or early summer. Weeds will wilt, turn brown and die within 4-6 weeks. Verdone Extra removes the competition and allows grass to thrive and spread. This highly effective lawn weedkiller contains 3 different selective weedkillers to give easy control of most common lawn weeds including dandelions, daisies, white clover and plantains.

There are a host of other plants with smaller leaves that are less easily controlled with ordinary lawn weedkiller treatments. That’s where Verdone Extra scores because it gives good control of many problem weeds such as lesser trefoil (yellow suckling clover), black medick (a small leaved clover), common mouse-ear chickweed, yarrow, parsley-piert and the blue flowering speedwell.

Use on leafy weeds that are actively growing between April and September. For best results do not mow for 3 days before or after application. Do not treat new lawns until they are established for at least 2 months.