Weedol Rootkill Plus – 1 Litre


Weedol Gun! Rootkill Plus Weedkiller: 1 litre ready to use spray, suitable for killing weeds including roots.

Weedol is a fast acting weedkiller, with one application usually killing most garden broad leaved and grass type weeds.

RootkillPlus™ Weedkiller- Key Details

  • Systematically kills weeds and their roots, in beds, borders, uncultivated ground and surfaces such as paths and driveways (not suitable for use on lawns)
  • Unique fast acting agent
  • This pre-diluted and ready to use formulaoffers convenient and easy spot application
  • Children and pets can play on the treated area once dried
  • Suitable for use fromAprilto November
  • Contains glyphosate and pyraflufen ethyl

Pack Size

  • 1 litre spray bottle
  • Coverage: 29m²