Bayer Garden Lawn Disease Control – 3 x 1.4g soluble


Bayer Garden Lawn Disease Control: 3 x 1.4g sachets, suitable to treat 60m2.

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If Red Thread or Fusarium patches are a problem in your lawn, then this product can be used at any time of the year for effective treatment. You should spray at the first signs of disease.

Bayer Lawn Disease Control: Key Details

  • Prevents and controls lawn diseases
  • Simple soluble sachets – no mess & no measuring
  • Suitable for use on established garden lawns and turf

How to Use

  • Tear open sachet and drop the inner water-soluble bag into a sprayer containing 1 litre of water (do not open inner water-soluble bag)
  • Allow to stand for 2 minutes until the inner water-soluble bag dissolves, then shake gently to mix
  • Spray evenly over 20m² of lawn

Red Thread

Red Thread first appears as circular pink / bleached patches in the grass, although the disease can spread rapidly into large patches, with dead grass.

To identify Red Thread keep looking for the pink coloration and red threadlike strands near the grass leaf blade tips.

Red thread is more prevalent when the weather is warm during late spring, summer and early autumn.


Fusarium will first appear as small, dull brown patches in the lawn that can rapidly spread. This disease is more prevalent from autumn into the spring.

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