Gardman ‘Grow It’ Garden Netting – 6m x 4m


Strong and effective plant protection – ideal to protect soft fruit, vegetables & seedlings.

A strong and effective plant protection net to provide protection from birds and small animals.

Gardman Grow It Garden Netting

  • Rot proof and re-usable
  • Suitable to use to protect soft fruit, vegetables and seedlings


  • 6m x 4m
  • Mesh size: 15mm (5/8″) approx

Seeds, Seedlings & Young Plants

Ideal for the protection of seeds and young plants in the vegetable plot and for newly sown lawns. For best results support the netting above the ground on frames or staple to the top of short wooden stakes.

Fruit Bushes & Trees

Use netting to cover a fruit cage structure or drape over fruit bushes and trees to protect from birds.


Use to protect your garden pond from predatory birds and falling autumn leaves.


Form a cloche with wire hoops or drape the strawberry plants with netting to protect the fruit from bird damage.