Magnesium Salts – 1.5kg


A lack of magnesium in the soil shows up as yellowing leaves on plants. This can affect their overall vigour and strength – as well as looking unsightly – so it’s worth doing something about it.

Miracle Gro Magnesium Salts

  • Natural source of Epsom Salts
  • Contains 50% more magnesium than epsom salts with longer lasting action
  • Works for several weeks
  • Prevents and corrects browning of conifers
  • Apply directly from the pack
  • Use as a root feed sprinkling evenly over the soil to an area slightly larger than that covered by tree/bush or other plant
  • Gently work into the soil surface with a hand fork or hoe without disturbing the plant roots
  • Use to prevent leaf yellowing or conifer browning (apply once a year, preferably in spring)

Application Rate

  • As a root feed to correct leaf yellowing or conifer browning: 50g per sq m
  • As a root feed to prevent magnesium deficiency: 35g per sq m
Box Size
  • 1.5kg
  • Coverage 30-42m²