Peckish Complete Bird Food – 20kg

: £36.99 (You Save: £12.04)

Attract a wide variety of wild bird species to your garden with one complete bird seed mix! Great Value 20kg bag.

Peckish Complete (All Seasons) Bird Seed & Nut Mix has been specially blended to use throughout the year and contains Kibbled Wheat, Red Millet, Safflower, Kibbled Maize, Sunflower Hearts, Kibbled Peanuts, Red Dari, White Millet and Oyster Shell Grit.

Peckish® Complete Seed & Nut Mix

  • VAT FREE 20kg pack
  • Enriched with added Calvita┬« essential nutrients
  • Packed with 12 different ingredients
  • No mess or waste
  • Use from January to December
  • Suitable for bird feeders, bird tables and ground feeder trays
  • Seed husks have been removed to prevent seed germination causing weed growth in your garden