Unwins Turnip Seeds: Purple Top Milan – 1800 approx


Pack of approx 1800 seeds, a delicious old variety, suitable for sowing outdoors: March – July.

Turnips are ofter underrated, but not by gardeners who appreciate their delicate fine flavour. Purple Top Milan is especially flavoursome. Pick when no more than 5cm (2in) across for the best flavour.

Unwin’s Purple top Milan Turnip Seeds – Key Details

  • Early harvesting variety
  • Quick cropping
  • Sowing time: March – July
  • Harvest: May – September
  • Pack size: approx 1800 seeds

Special Note

Turnips do best in well dug soils which have not been recently manured. Best results are achieved from plants which are grown with plenty of moisture and harvested while young.