Vitax Fuchsia Feed Liquid Fertiliser – 500ml concentrate

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For healthy growth and beautiful flowers.

Vitax Fuchsia Feed is a high potash liquid fertiliser with added trace elements to improve flowering and strong healthy growth of fuchsias.

Fuchsias are vigorous plants and require a rich porous soil to thrive. When grown in tubs, pots or hanging baskets they require frequent feeding and watering to maintain healthy growth. Feeding once per week and keeping the soil moist, but not waterlogged, will help achieve optimum container growing conditions for successful fuchsia flower production.

Vitax Fuchsia Feed

  • Suitable for all types of Fuchsias including hardy varieties
  • NPK: 6-6-8 with trace elements

Pack Size

  • 500ml liquid concentrate

Dilute 1 capful in 2 litres of water and apply using a watering can with a rose attached, every week around the base of plants.