Vitax Green Up Lawn Care Feed & Weed – 500ml – treats 100sq.m

: £7.99 (You Save: £1.04)

A combined lawn fertiliser and selective weedkiller for control of many common broad-leaved weeds.

Kills Dandelions, Buttercups, Daises, Clovers and many other types of troublesome lawn weeds.

VITAX Green Up Lawn Care Feed & Weed

  • Liquid concentrate fertiliser and weedkiller combination
  • Contains Clopyralid and MCPA
  • Controls many common weeds
  • NPK 20:3:3
  • Lawn greens up rapidly after use
  • Apply between April and October when the soil is moist and weeds are actively growing
  • Pack size: 500ml – treats 100m²