Vitax Biodegradable Mulch Mats – Pack of 10

: £4.90 (You Save: £1.15)

Suppress weeds and deter slugs!

Vitax (Biodegradable) Mulch Mats can be used for strawberries, lettuces, newly planted shrubs and roses.

Mats keep the lower leaves and fruit clean and dry, helping to keep strawberries free from botrytis (grey mould) while also acting as an effective slug barrier.

Vitax Mulch Mats

  • Use to suppress weed growth
  • Retail soil moisture
  • Protect plant roots from extremes of temperature

Pack Size

  • Pack of 10 mats
When to use:

Strawberries – when the leaves are growing well and flowers are beginning to develop.

Lettuces – when leaves are growing well.

Shrubs and Roses – straight after planting.

How to use:

After firming-in and watering the plant, carefully level the soil around the plant base. Hold the leaves clear of the soil, ease open the mat along the slit and carefully slide the mat under the leaves, smoothing it onto the soil, around the base of the plant.