Vitax Slug Gone Wool Pellets – Suitable for Organic Gardening – 5 litre re-sealable tub

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Use to protect fruit, flowers, vegetables and other garden crops from slugs & snails.

Slug GoneĀ® Wool Pellets can be used safely to deter slugs in organic gardens.

Vitax Slug GoneĀ® Wool Pellets

  • Simply place around plants to be protected
  • When the pellets are watered they swell and form a felt-like mat that absorbs moisture from the slug’s foot making it difficult for the slug to travel across
  • Pellet mat also contains abrasive particles which irritate the slug’s foot, physically deterring the slug and creating a 100% natural barrier
  • Pellet mat is excellent at keeping the surface dry but retaining the moisture beneath, meaning that weeds have difficulty germinating on the surface and frequesncy of watering is cut down due to reduced evaporation
  • Slug Gone is a natural biodegradable protein fibre which releases nitrogen, potassium, sulphur and other trace elements essential for plant growth
  • Soil association approved

Pack Size

  • 5 litre pack