Westland John Innes No 1 Young Plant Compost – 35 litre bag


Specially formulated to meet the needs of young plants. Discount when you buy 3 bags or more.

Westland’sJohn Innes Number 1 is formulated with a naturally reduced peat content and loam.

Westland John Innes No. 1 Compost

  • Easy to water and re-wet – importent when trying to establish young plants
  • Compost doesn’t dry out as quickly so is therefore well suited to small sized pots
  • Nutrient levels are balanced but kept relative low – ideal for seedlings and young plants allowing them to develop without being overfed
  • Formulated to provide good root establishment with sufficient nutrients available for up to four weeks
  • pH level of 6 to 7
  • Provides the best environment for most plants to achieve optimum nutrient uptake
  • Not suitable for acid-loving/ericaceious plants
  • Pack size: 35 litres