Westland Lawn Sand – 16kg: 200m2 Coverage


The traditional way to control lawn moss.

If moss is a problem in your garden lawn, then Westland’s Lawn Sand can be used to control moss in both lawns and other fine turfs. Lawn Sand also has some drainage benefits for lawns with heavy soils.

After applying Westland’s Lawn Sand, your lawn should thicken and become a lush green colour. The moss will blacken as it dies (any blackening of the grass is only temporary). Thoroughly rake out the dead moss 7 – 14 days after treatment.

Lawn Sand – Key Details

  • 5.0% Nitrogen
  • 3.0% Iron
  • Contains ferrous sulphate: 8.3%

Pack Size

  • Contains 16kgs
  • Suitable to treat 200m²
When to use:
  • Apply between Spring and Autumn when the soil is moist and the grass is actively growing
  • Grass should not be cut for 3 days before treatment and not cut again for at least 4 days after treatment
  • Not suitable for use during drought, freezing conditions or when rain is falling or imminent
  • Re-treatment 4-6 weeks later may be necessary if moss returns
Where to use:
  • Suitable for use on lawns
  • Drift: DO NOT allow product to contact the foliage of neighbouring vegetation
  • Not suitable for use on new lawns
How to use:
  • It is good practice to wear gloves when using this product – although this is not essential
  • Avoid walking on treated area until it has rained or it has been watered
  • Children and pets may use the lawn once the product is watered in

In addition to Lawn Sand treatment, the overall health and appearance of your lawn can be enhanced further by using Aftercut Lawn Feed and Conditioner. It’s easy to use and gives visible greener results in just 3 days. With regular applications, your lawn will become healthy and strong, requiring less maintenance over time.