Westland Resolva Xtra Tough Weedkiller – 3L + 33% Extra Free


A garden weedkiller containing Glyphosate to kill tough weeds to their roots.

For troublesome weeds, Resolva Xtra Tough Weedkiller incorporates a strong, highly effective systemic action, killing the whole weed right down to it’s root system, preventing the possibility of re-growth.

Resolva Xtra Tough Weedkiller

  • Ready to use formula supplied in a sprayer pack
  • Contains Glyphosate – a non-selective systemic weedkiller
  • Use to control stubborn weeds such as Docks, Nettles, Dandelion, Bindweed and many others
  • After use this product naturally breaks down in the soil leaving no residues
  • For best effects – use on a calm day from February – September when weeds are actively growing and have a large leaf area to absorb the weed killer spray
  • For perennial weeds use between June and August
  • Rainfall within 6 hours of application may reduce the effectiveness and will require retreatment
  • Some tough weeds may need retreating if regrowth appears
  • Non-selective – for use on unwanted vegetation only, avoid contact with cultivated plants and other desired plants

Pack Size

  • 4 litre (including 33% extra free)
Use to control:

Annual and deep-rooted perennial grass and broad-leaved weeds including bracken, docks, common couch, cleavers, colt’s foot, chickweed, common nettle, common thistle, creeping buttercup, curled dock, sheeps sorrel, perenial sow thistle, plantains, red clover, scotch thistle, white clover, white dead nettle, willowherb, yarrow and many others.