Vitax Q4+ Mycorrhizal Fungi – 0.9kg


Natural, organic & sustainable garden fertiliser or compost base dressing.

VITAX Q4+ has been developed with all the advantages of the original Q4 Fertilser but with added components, including mycorrhizal fungi, helpful bacterial and a range of plant biostimulants.

Vitax produces a comprehensive range of high quality horticultural fertilisers, with traditional and specially developed products, to promote growth of garden plants.

Vitax Q4 Plus Fertiliser

  • Compound Fertiliser containing Magnesium with Trace Elements: 4.8 – 7.1 – 9.5
  • Natural, organic & sustainable formula
  • Contains essential nutrients required by garden plants
  • Mycorrhizal fungi promotes strong root development and growth
  • Can be used as a very effective base dressing mixed into compost
  • Suitable for roses, trees, shrubs, ornamental plants, fruit and vegetable plants
  • Q4+ is also the perfect choice for enthusiast growers who make their own peat or coir-based compost

Pack Size

  • 0.9kg