Vitax VITAFEED 301 Veg & Leafy Plant – 500g

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Professional quality, high nitrogen fertiliser for edible and ornamental plants.

Vitax Vitafeed 301 promotes strong leaf growth on ornamental foliage plants, herbs and vegetables.

Vitax Vitafeed 301 Vegetable & Leafy Plant Soluble Feed

  • High nitrogen feed with added potash and trace elements
  • Suitable for hebaceous ornamentals, vegetables and other foliage plants
  • Can also be used on lawns during the spring and summer to stimulate the growth of healthy green turf
  • Suitable for indoor or outdoor plants
  • Apply using a watering can or hose-end dilutor
  • NPK: 36-0-12

Pack Size

  • 500g soluble granules – makes up to 900 litres